s-S Scalable Services Vancouver

What are we about?

We scale applications and websites. You say Speed up my website uptime and relaible. We give you cutting edge technologies and processes such as backup and database replication

Deploy your current application or website to Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services.

Deploy your application to Kubernetes. Kubernetes includes built in features that will allow you to create a big system and realied on by many industry leaders.

Add a load balancer. Reduce latency with a CDN edge server. Replicate your databases.

Migrate to NoSQL or Big Data. Whatever the need be we can jump in and sort things out.

Add system analytics both for your servers and clients.
Add database analytics to your system.

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Optimize cloud services

Save money removing all unneeded resources and chose the optimal route for your hosting.

Move your application or database

Don't lose out on improving are careful refined processes are safe, reliable, and easily maintainable.

Featured cloud platform

Microsoft Azure platform

- Has rich data sets ready to be integrated available on Azure Marketplace
- Relatively much cheaper costs than AWS
- Instant automatic Docker deployments and point and click Advanced SQL Server Data Administration
- Logic Apps to program a workflow across multiple Microsoft and related programs

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