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Development Omnibus
Mobile, Web, and Desktop Development
Frontend Business Setup & Marketing

Rebabre offers business services, website services, multimedia services, customer aggregation services, and inventive architecture services specializing in computer science, marketing, art, and design and can create, debug, update your application, business, website, theme, plugin, module, media, and then help deliver it to the market.

Fresh, UX, UI, Cubism, Photography, Concept Design, Analytics, Copywriting, OOP programing, Futurism, Data Science, Progressive Web Apps, Clean code, Logos, Scripting, Illustration, Management, Redesign, Fast PageSpeeds, Responsive, Intuitive, Brutal.

If we all knew precisely what our requirements were and how to integrate them into a fine design—in a software system or our dream home—there would be no need for architects; the inhabitants could simply communicate their ideas directly to the builders and have their expectations met in the final structure. As we know, that is how software is now built and why it fails. The very premise of this process is fatally flawed. - Marc Sewell


Alan Linnane
FCR Media

5 start job - Helpful - worked to completion and for the right price. I will be looking for Jujhar Singh to work on my next job.

Rehbare or Rabar means the one who knows the way while Rebab is an instrument. It was founded as a Web Design business in 2011. Rebabre is an open and honest company and strives to provide good businesses services to improve their offerings and processes. We always welcome and respect your ideas and do not hold back to provide you the best.

Project direction, architecting, and execution
Expert PHP and JavaScript coding
Marketing related content as well as processes

Here are some quotes based on the skills in that baggie needed to be successful

Richard Eyre

If the arts are held up solely as a means of social insight, fantasy is denied the chance to be commonplace and reality the chance to be exotic.

Theo Gantos

A renaissance person. Consulting, diplomacy, organization, conceptualization, abstract thinking, logical reasoning, data modeling skills in several methodologies, ability to self-evaluate and adapt quickly, presentation and communication skills, programming expertise, writing skills, sales skills, charisma, finance and return on investment calculation skills, dealing with difficult and change-resistant people, sense of humor.

Felix Unger

When no one else in the creative department knows where to take a job, or how to crack a brief, the CD can do it. They have the experience, the savvy and the ability to produce the work when no one else can.

Intuitive UX design,
original and engaging

Expert conceptual Design

Adwords Setup and Analytics Report
Personal maintenance

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Jujhar Singh Creative Director
								  	Web Designer Vancouver Rebabre


Rebabre, Jujhar Singh
Vancouver, BC
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