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Development Omnibus
Business Strategy & Mobile, Web, and Desktop Development
Marketing Setup

Rebabre offers inventive architecture services specializing in computer science, marketing, art, and design we can create, debug, update your application, website, theme, plugin, or module and then help deliver it to the market.

Project Start

Add a new asset to your company or do some redesign.


Fresh, UX, UI, Cubism, Photography, Concept Design, Analytics, Copywriting, OOP programing, Futurism, Data Science, Progressive Web Apps, Clean code, Logos, Scripting, Illustration, Management, Redesign, Fast PageSpeeds, Responsive, Intuitive, Brutal.

If we all knew precisely what our requirements were and how to integrate them into a fine design—in a software system or our dream home—there would be no need for architects; the inhabitants could simply communicate their ideas directly to the builders and have their expectations met in the final structure. As we know, that is how software is now built and why it fails. The very premise of this process is fatally flawed. - Marc Sewell

Rebab or Rebabr means the one who knows the way. It was founded by Jujhar Singh as a Web Design business in 2011. Rebabre is an open and honest company which has various pricing schemes we like divide the project into three payments fractions but have many flexible options. We welcome and respect your ideas and do not hold back to provide you the best.

Our Services

Co-op Exporters

App Foundry

JS Magic

Scalable Services

Biz Outreach

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Jujhar Singh Creative Director
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Rebabre, Jujhar Singh 
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